9 - 12 Years
2-in-1 Invisible Writer
The 2-in-1 Invisible Writer  Pen is perfect for a pair of sneaky siblings or the secret agent of the..
4M Art Flamingo Room Light
Assemble your own flamingo room light. It can be either wall-mounted or free-standing. Perfect for a..
4M Art Origami Flower Lights
Add an artistic touch to these string lights with beautiful flower origami. Use them to decorate you..
4M Crystal Growing Kit
Grow a colourful crystal in the container provided - it's a fun chemistry xperiment. Contains 1 larg..
4M Green Science Aqua Robot
Watch this Aqua Robot swim along when sunlight shines on its solar cells. But Aqua Robot is a hybrid..
4M Green Science Rover Robot
A clever Rover robot that operates on both battery and solar power. The Rover robot rolls along on s..
4M Kidzlabs Magnetic Alarm
Keep unwanted intruders (or pesky siblings) out of your room by installing this magnetic alarm on yo..
4M Kidzlabs Spy Science
Have fun communicating secret messages with your friends like spies do! Send top secrets in Morse co..
4M Kidzlabs Traffic Light
Build your very own traffic light set. Once built you can change the lights from auto to manual and ..
4M Survival Science
This fantastic survival kit shows how science can help you to get out of trouble in the wild! Learn ..
Aaron's Thinking Putty World Mini Illusion - Super Fly
Shimmering tones of metallic green and black give way to gray and silver, just like the body of a co..
Aerobie Medalist 175G
The Aerobie Medalist 175G Disc is a disc that provides superior stability during game play - perform..
Aerobie Superdisc
The Superdisc has a spoiler rim and cushioned edge making it easy to throw and easy to catch. Dog fr..
All-Purpose Sanitizer
An all purpose sanitizer that's safe for your hands, things and surfaces. Kills 99.9% of germs. Blen..
Amazing Super Snow: Blizzard in a Bucket
It's a new twist on the old sand bucket.  Add water to a scoop of Amazing Super Snow Powder to creat..
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