Dolls And Doll Houses
Baby Stella Accessory - Take Along Travel Crib
This portable Take Along Travel Crib is perfect for little ones to put their Baby Stella to bed. Fab..
Baby Wee Stella Doll - Tiny Farmer
Wee Baby Stella, how does your garden grow? The Tiny Farmer play set comes with a Wee Baby Stella Be..
Calico Critters - Fairytale Friends
Fairytale Friends is a limited edition set which includes a septet of poseable costumed Calico Critt..
Calico Critters Family - Friesian Cow
Mother Daisy is a gardener, Father Leo is a carpenter at Cloverleaf Corners, Brother Patch is a drum..
Calico Critters Family - Marshmallow Mouse
Father, Bernard loves making delicious food, especially cheese. He’s very proud of his homemade chee..
Calico Critters Family - Pookie Panda
The Pookie Panda Family is always bright and cheerful. Four piece set: The father who is full of ide..
Calico Critters Family - Toy Poodle
The Toy Poodle family includes Veronica, Frank and their children Melinda and Eric. Mother Veroni..
Calico Critters Furniture - Baby Nursery Set
The Baby Nursery Set is a perfect furniture set to add to your Calico Critters house. The set comes ..
Calico Critters Furniture - Bed and Comforter Set
The Bed and Comforter set includes a single bed with a soft mattress, and is large enough to accommo..
Calico Critters Furniture - Bedroom & Vanity Set
The Bedroom & Vanity Set is a perfect furniture set to add to your Calico Critters house. The set co..
Calico Critters Furniture - Comfy Living Room Set
The Comfy Living Room Set is the perfect furniture set for any Calico Critters home. Comfy Living Ro..
Calico Critters Furniture - Kitchen Play Set
Kitchen Play Set includes a double-door, three-drawer refrigerator, stove unit, and sink unit. Inclu..
Calico Critters Furniture - Microwave Cabinet
Microwave Cabinet has a microwave oven that comes in handy when cooking. Microwave Cabinet includes ..
Calico Critters Furniture - Stack and Play Beds
These comfy beds come complete with 2 mattresses, 2 pillows and 2 blankets (pink and blue!). There's..
Calico Critters Furniture - Triple Baby Bunk Beds
Calico babies love their cozy beds! Beds can be positioned in 3 fun ways. Stack them like bunk beds,..
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