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With Tiny ice Cream by SmartLab you can create Instagram worthy tiny ice cream treats using miniature versions of real tools! Churn ice cream in the itty bitty ice cream maker! Bake weensy waffles in the waffle mold! Once baked, use the tools to form waffle cones, waffle bowls, ice cream sandwich cookies and ice cream taco shells. This adorable kit is a perfect parent child activity or a delicious stand alone stress reliever for people of all ages. As children mix, bake, and experiment, they are practicing essential skills in reading, measuring, following instructions and trial and error learning. Includes: Tiny Ice Cream canister, dasher, lid with crank, tiny silicone waffle cone molds, tiny waffle cone & bowl shaper, tiny ice cream scoop, tiny spatula, tiny ice cream bowls, cone holder, tiny mixing bowl, tiny mixing spoon, wee-spoons, papercraft ice cream truck & menu board, fold-out recipe sheet. 8+ years.

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Tags: 7 - 8 Years, 9 - 12 Years, Science, SmartLab